Training: Writing for the web II 15.11.2018

Durata: 1 zi


You’ll benefit hugely from this course if you’re a writer transferring into digital. It has also greatly helped digital professionals who are looking to refresh their existing skills!

We’d also highly recommend the course for anyone who manages online copywriters. You might not need to do any writing yourself, but this course will help you to evaluate and critique others’ work.


Boost your online copy’s effectiveness across all digital devices and channels with our hands-on 1-day training course. You’ll learn copywriting techniques that can improve your copy’s performance by over 100%.


  • Foundations

Learn how people read online, how to create a business case, philosophy & how to get a good brief.

  • Best practices

You’ll spend most of the day discussing and engaging with exercises that cover issues such as: Vocabulary, Headings, Lists, Bold, Page summary, Links, Information scent, Sentences & Paragraphs & Concision.

  • Mobile devices

Throughout the day, you’ll also learn how online copywriting’s best practices can be used to address the specific concerns of mobile devices.

  • Evaluating online copy

You’ll learn how to use our ‘3-Levels of Analysis Model’ to evaluate and critique online copy.

  • Search Engines, Email & Social Media

Modern online copywriters need to know their craft’s best practices for all these core areas. Learn the key issues (including: page length, link text & effective image/ video use) and get an edge in the marketplace!

Course Requirements: You won’t need to bring a laptop or tablet. For convenience, all the exercises are paper-based.

How will I benefit?

You’ll be in a much better position to:

  • Sell the value of good online copywriting within your organisation
  • Evaluate the quality of existing copy against best practice
  • Write great online content that communicates, persuades and sells effectively
  • Create best practice copy for mobile, search, email and social

Train your team with best practice techniques

Tarif de participare

250 Eur/ membri IAB

*sunt incluse bauturi si snack-uri pentru pauze, eventuale materiale printate, diploma de participare

450 Eur/ non-membri IAB