Training: Usability and User Experience II 22.03.2019

Durata: 1 zi


Whether you are client-side or in an agency role, you’ll find this course extremely useful if you’re involved in any aspect of digital UX. For example, we’ve had great reviews from: Designers, Project managers, Digital managers, Project managers, Copywriters & Product owners.


UX (User Experience) improvements can radically increase your users’ engagement, conversions and loyalty.

Our world-famous 1-day course will support you in creating a great User Experience across all your digital platforms.


  • Foundations

Definitions of usability and UX (User Experience).  Also, we’ll present the latest research on how people use websites and what this means for your organisation.

  • Usability principles & best practices

Including: Homepages, Landing pages, Navigation, Product and Service pages, Forms & Checkout.

  • Mobile principles & best practices

Including: Navigation, Search, Video, Forms & Checkout.

  • User-Centred Design process

Including: Card sorting, Personae and Scenarios, Usability testing, Rapid prototyping, Lean UX and Agile.

  • Your questions

The day will include lots of opportunities to discuss your specific areas of interest.

How will I benefit?

Our 1-day Usability and UX (User Experience) course will empower you to:

  • Build a business case for Usability and UX
  • Design great User Experiences using UX principles and best practices
  • Create a User-Centred Design process for your organisation
  • Select and perform the appropriate User-Centred Design methods (such as card sorting and usability testing)

Tarif de participare

250 Eur/ membri IAB

*sunt incluse bauturi si snack-uri pentru pauze, eventuale materiale printate, diploma de participare

450 Eur/ non-membri IAB