Training: An Introduction to Behavioural Science || 20.04.2018

Durata: 1 zi

20 aprilie 2018

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This course is intended for delegates with media, sales or marketing experience, and who wish to discover how the latest principles of behavioural science can be applied to influence engagement and buying behaviours of their audiences and/or customers.

This one day course will introduce delegates to the fascinating world of behavioural science. We will bring you the latest research into decision-making and demonstrate many practical examples as applied to the digital media, marketing, advertising and sales. Delegates will be given insight on how behavioural science can influence our personal and professional lives, and delegates will experience some common techniques for themselves during the course. This workshop will illustrate how you can utilise behavioural sciences to influence the decision-making of your customers.


Session 1 – An Introduction to behavioural science

– The evolution of the discipline from the human social and economic sciences, the use of behavioural science in marketing/advertising, the use of behavioural science in digital media

-understand what is meant by behavioural science/behavioural economics, and it’s relevance

-better understand how humans make decisions, and that these are often irrational/instinctive/unthinking

-Understand how applied behavioural science can deliver business benefit

Session 2 – You and the behavioural sciences

-The underlying neuroscience and psychology, systems thinking, biases and heuristics, decision-making behaviours, the principles of persuasion

-understand and experience how we are all subject to cognitive biases and heuristics, and that we think less than we think

– understand the difference between systems 1 and 2, and the types of decision-making and thinking associated with each

– learn a simple framework for categorising/understanding some of the most common heuristics and biases, and relevant examples of each

Session 3 – You and your customers

Thinking about buyer behaviours and personas, innovation-adoption, pricing, packages, applying behavioural science to your sales activities (face to face, phone, presentations, sales support materials, emails and other messaging), pitches and proposals

– understand how to apply a simple framework to create ideas and interventions that will change buyer behaviours

– create a number of potential interventions that will influence buyer behaviour, either in a B2B or B2C sales environments

Session 4 – Your buyers and audiences

– The application of behavioural science to designing, running, optimising and reporting on campaigns, thinking about audience attention-engagement-response, communicating the value of advertising

– Understand how behavioural science can be used to inform better targeting and optimisation of content – and how new machine learning technologies can be used to do this

– understand how personalisation tools can be used in campaigns

– understand the perception of value for different customer groups

Tarif de participare

250 Eur/ membri IAB

*sunt incluse bauturi si snack-uri pentru pauze, eventuale materiale printate, diploma de participare

450 Eur/ non-membri IAB