1-day training course introducing our practical 4-P approach to help maximise your content marketing efforts.

Our 4-P approach will guide you through the process of creating a great
content marketing programme. 
You’ll also learn how to develop a ‘Content Recipe’ that will help you to
generate content ideas. This recipe will help ensure that your content
reflects audience insights and the organisation’s priorities.

Who should attend?
If you’re involved in planning, creating or managing content, this course is
for you!

What will you learn?
At the end of this workshop, you’ll be much more confident in your ability to:
o Directly map your content production to audience insights and
business objectives
o Create higher quality content (copy, video, infographics…)
o Better promote your content through all the main channels (search,
social, email…)
o Specify a measurement strategy that provides actionable insights 
o Iterate your content marketing efforts over time

 Definitions & Business Case
 Plan
o KPIs & Objectives
o Audience research
o Your ‘Content Recipe’
o Personae
o Editorial calendars
 Produce
You’ll learn best practices on creating the following types of content:
o Copywriting
o Infographics
o Video
o Podcasts
 Promote
You’ll learn best practices on the following ways to promote your
o ‘Honey Pot’ vs ‘Safari’ approaches
o Search (SEO and PPC)
o Email

o Social Media & Influencer Marketing
o Mobile marketing techniques (including App Store

 Progress
o Auditing your content
o Measuring success
o Ongoing management
 Next steps for your organisation….

Taxa de participare:

Membrii IAB: 250 Eur

Non Membri: 400 Eur