Durata: 1 zi

23 februarie 2018


This one day course for marketing and media professionals on both sides of the advertising marketplace will give delegates the latest advances in the measurement of campaigns and media spend.

Outcomes:The path to purchase has become increasingly complicated, with consumers researching and purchasing products offline, as well as via multiple devices and in multiple locations online.

With advances in audience and analytics technology, and a better understanding of the consumer’s path to purchase, we are getting a clearer picture of the true effectiveness of digital advertising. This new workshop will highlight the advances in attribution modelling and will give professional insights into the developments and challenges faced by brands, agency buyers and media owners.

The workshop will bring the latest thinking on attribution and explores models that go beyond the “last click wins” principle.

Please note that this is NOT a software training course

Session 1 – The evolution of digital audience and campaign measurement

History and evolution – why content marketing?

Funnels, loops, triggers and advocacy: Understanding the customer path to purchase and beyond. Latest thinking in buyer behaviour and decision science

Session 2 – Does the last click win?

Measurement models for digital advertising: Creating demand or fulfilling demand

Digital Advertising’s Bad Habits

Natural Born Clickers – clicks and conversions

Moving away from the ‘last click” model of performance measurement

Other issues in digital advertising: viewability, ad blocking, move to programmatic trading

Session 3 – Real world attribution

Models for digital advertising attribution

Introductory case studies in real world attribution: Cross-device measurement; Combining online and offline measurement

Introducing attribution into your campaigns and business operations

Session 4 – The value of digital advertising and latest advances

The concepts of value – understanding performance and return on investment

The strategic benefits of attribution to your business

Latest advances – the application of artificial intelligence in digital advertising

Tarif de participare

250 Eur/ membri IAB

*sunt incluse bauturi si snack-uri pentru pauze, eventuale materiale printate, diploma de participare

450 Eur/ non-membri IAB